Articles by Don Crawford

The Gouldian Nest Box
Don shares his thoughts on suitable nest boxes.

2016 Breeding Season Review
the most exciting and fun-filled season we have had for many years … read article

Helpful Calcium
Don shares his tips on adding Calcium to your bird’s diet … read article

Good Habits, Bad Habits
Habits can lead to success or…

Successful 2015 Breeding Season
Don shares his tips for his successful breeding season … read article

Travel Bug
In Travel Bug, Don shares his thoughts about the importance of breeding with top quality Gouldians… read article

Genetics for Sex Linked Birds for Beginners Through The Eyes of a Thirteen Year Old
A great article that was written by Don’s grandson in 2000 with a simple explanation of sex linked genetics… read article

Early Mutations that Give Us the History
Don acknowledges an article by the late Ray Murray about the history of the mutations we have sadly lost… read article

Joys of Winter Breeding
Yes another breeding season is finished for the Gouldian, and now we look forward to what the moult may uncover for us… read article

The Australian Dilute Gouldian Finch: Good Breeders Vs Bad Breeders
Breeding the Australian Dilute Gouldian Finch… read article

Discovery of a new Breeding Colony in WA
Exciting news reported by the “Australian Geographic” in 2012… read article

History of the Australian Yellow Gouldian Finch
All details from the diary of Don Crawford who developed this Gouldian mutation over a period of ten years… read article

Historic Article by Alex H Chisholm
Searching through some old books I came across a very interesting historic article written over fifty years ago, relating to the interest in birds of the early settlers… read article

Head Colours in the Gouldian Finch
An Excerpt by Don Crawford from © Australian Birdkeeper 1991, (p.32)… read article

Combining the Mutation With the Normal is the Future
We have a very different philosophy breeding our mutations. To keep your birds to a high standard… read article

Bugger Off Codling Moth!
Making a Seed Hopper that was going to work was our project… read article

The Gouldian Standard
Don’s thoughts on striving for the Gouldian model of excellence… read article

Outstanding Success of the new Aussie Variegated Blue!
Karen and Les, passionate breeders of the Australian Gouldian have just announced some exciting news in their quest to improve a formerly genetically weak line of mutation…
read article

The Lime Gouldian Mutation
Read about the early development of this extremely rare and interesting bird, The Lime Gouldian Mutation