Gouldian Finch Mutations

The Lime Mutation Has Its Own Mystery

At present we are working on a new primary mutation the ”RECESSIVE LIME”!! As with all recessive mutations, both Hens and Cocks are split for the colour.

This LIME mutation to some may not show signs of being something special from your first casual glance – but the focus should be directed to the GENETIC make-up, and not simply the birds’ colour.

The LIME colour in this mutation, comes about by a reduction in the amount of GREY FAMILY PIGMENT (Melanin) so it obviously is lighter in colour than a normal Gouldian.

Young Lime Split Adults
Young Lime Split Adults

Genetically the Lime is in the same family as the RECESSIVE LUTINO. Being Recessive, it is not common in many bird species but they all do exist in Parrots (Martin 2002). So once Lime is combined, there maybe more than one Gene involved!

Some Limes are lighter in colour than others, and if the White Fronted Gouldian is involved with the Lime series, then a further reduction in colour happens, making the Lime a very pale colour.

Lime Hens are paler than Cock-Birds, and unfeathered young in the nest have lighter skin.

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