Fallow Hooded Parrot

Don Crawford is also credited with establishing the Fallow Hooded Parrot, a mutation of the Australian Hooded Parrot.

Don Crawford's Fallow Hooded Parrot

The following is an insight into the history and development of the Fallow Hooded Parrot. Details are from the diary of Don Crawford.

This mutation is an absolute joy to have and bred with colours that blend perfectly, starting with the chocolate head, milky chocolate on the back retaining the gold stripe on the wings and turquoise blue on the chest – the finishing touch is the bright red eyes which completes the unique colour combination of the cock bird.

Don Crawfords Fallow Hooded Parrot
Don Crawford’s Fallow Hooded Parrots

Fallow Hooded Parrot

The hens are similar in colour to the immature birds. They are what I would call a mustard yellow with pale blue on the stomach area.

The head is off-white as are the flight feathers and naturally the tell-tale endearing Ruby red eyes.

Fallow Hooded Hen
I do like a bath – Fallow Hooded Hen

We keep the feeding as simple as possible consisting of a small seed mix, plenty of greens and seeding grasses, soaked seed in the breeding season, vitamin and mineral supplements and the ever important calcium which is very beneficial in cold winter breeding as hens are more prone to egg binding in cold climates. Calcium also helps keep the egg shell thickness even, particularly when lots of eggs are involved, any soft shell egg must be investigated.

There are a lot more mutations to come from the Hooded, namely the blue, the lutino and the ever important cinnamon, which will add size and feather quality to an all ready impressive bird.

Buyers of Gouldian Finches and Hooded Parrots at Don Crawford’s aviaries, can be confident that his birds have been raised in an optimal environment.

You can also Contact Don to register your interest in buying birds as they become available.


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