Discovery of a new Breeding Colony in WA

Gouldians Found by Indigenous Rangers

I was totally surprised to read an article on the discovery of a new Breeding Colony of the wild Gouldian Finch in an isolated area of Western Australia called Dampier Peninsula.

This exciting news was reported in 2012 by “Australian Geographic” who stated that the birds were found by the Bardi Jawi people who instinctively informed the Indigenous Rangers. After their search they reported there was a lot of juvenile uncoloured young, confirming it to be a definite breeding colony of the Gouldian Finch.

For the majority of us who have no knowledge of the Dampier Peninsula or how remote it may be and why this Gouldian colony is so happy living and breeding there, maybe we should have a look at where it is, and wonder with amazement how these birds have kept the secret for such a long time.

The Dampier Peninsula is in the Western Kimberleys of Western Australia and is approximately 220 kilometres north of Broome. It has quite a lot of heavy Woodlands and the roads are mostly unsealed dirt. It is a beautiful rugged and remote part of Australia surrounded by the Indian Ocean. This pristine area is also the home of the oldest working Pearl Farm in Australia, called “Cygnet Bay Pearls” so it is basically a Pearling Community.

The temperature is very stable with the average high of 34°C and a low average of 22°C, having also a low yearly rainfall of 489 mm. This very low rainfall combined with the lovely winter temperature is the perfect environment for this colony to thrive and survive as they are delicate winter breeders.

Don Crawford.
May 2013


Click on the following link to read the “Australian Geographic” article:
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