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In a long and enjoyable career of breeding birds, we have been very fortunate to have developed some very stunning coloured mutations, in both Finches and Parrots, namely the Australian Yellow, a tough good quality mutation, being a great breeder and a popular Mutation. We then tested the same skills on the gorgeous Fallow Hooded Parrot!! Each time we worked with these delicate mutations, our breeding skills became more finely tuned and noticeably more effective with the main objective being to develop the strength and quality of these naturally weaker mutations.

Lime Gouldians

Lime Gouldians

Lime Gouldians

Lime Gouldians

Our latest challenge is the “White Fronted Lime”. The original Lime carried a purple chest and is a very nice Mutation, but we felt the desire to see what effect it would have if we changed from purple to a white chest. Well what a combination it turned out to be, creating a lovely pastel lime back, which blends in lovely with the white chest and the pretty pastel blue on the tail. It is now a very noticeable mutation in its own right! (None will be available for release this season)


We are also cutting back on most of our established birds this year so we are having a clearance sale of some top quality birds. Most of these birds are from my personal stock and there are some very nice choices among them, including some top quality Aus/Yell, splits.

The reason is we need cage space so we can work more intensely with the Lime and our new project the Dark Factor Green, and Double Dark Factor Olive. The success of any new mutation all starts wIth experienced decisions, knowledge and informed methods used to make a success of any new mutations development and their successful future!!

For further details or to register your interest in buying birds Contact Us via email.


Lime Gouldians - Hen and Cock

Lime Gouldians – Hen and Cock


Buyers of Gouldian Finches, birds for sale at Don Crawford’s aviaries, can be confident that his birds have been raised in an optimal environment.

An emphasis on hard work and dedication to a clean, healthy environment, resulting in a good strain of the pure blood normal Gouldian Finch, which in turn produces the very best possible mutations.

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