2019 A Special Breeding Season

This 2019 breeding season has fallen into place perfectly, with the introduction of some excellent new birds that should enhance what we consider to be already good stock birds. Yes, we are always looking to improve our stock birds every year. This can be easily achieved by finding breeders that breed quality birds!

The reason we chased so hard to find quality birds was after studying the show birds that are being bred in Europe. How good are their show birds, both Hens and Cocks, when the top Hens can mix it with the Cocks for First Place? Blue Ribbon Champions! Their shows have lots of birds entered in all the categories so to win a place the breeder would have to have very good show stock.  Well done European breeders! We are totally impressed by the birds that are being bred!

So our new project is to try and emulate that what the European breeders do so well. It will take time to develop birds of that standard. If we only breed one such bird this season, that one bird will be our start for the improved future of our Gouldian genetic blood lines!

The mutations we will work with this season makes breeding exciting. As most know, I have a soft spot for the beautiful Sex-Linked Cinnamon which we acquired this season and hope to do well with as they are from quality bred stock. The Australian Yellow are also top shelf birds and will improve when bred with the lovely good size normals that we also acquired for the improvement of our birds this season. Thanks, Graham – Gary – Neil.

Now to the unpleasant task of replying to the online face-less, school yard bullies, attempting to cause me grief by telling lies. Normally I would ignore their crap but for all the well-intentioned emails that I have received encouraging me to call these bullies for the fools that they are. Sure, some of them will get a pat on the back from the boofheads that they quite happily mix with (like mixes with like). Maybe they should all spend more time with their birds than so much ego-driven time on social media. This all started with a lie from you Mr T so maybe you should take heed of what Confucius said in 500 BC. (He who seeks revenge should dig two graves). I think that saying covers the subject very well!!

I am including the above information not just to share my displeasure of what has been said as lies, but to illustrate my disappointment and frustration after spending sixty odd years, nurturing the lovely Gouldian finch, especially the two mutations that we developed free of disease or faults. I must also say the criticism directed at the lime mutation and the birds that were lost once they were sold is totally unfounded, as this is a disappointing story that if the truth is to be known, it would serve no purpose. In this case (the truth can be messy).

Don Crawford.

April 2019

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